Hi! I’m Gillian, one of the TV on-screen presenters, here at SignPost! There are currently 5 full time on-screen presenters, as well as freelance staff. You may recognise me from many programmes, including the weekly Emmerdale omnibus.

At SignPost my role is varied and includes translating TV programmes, Signed Stories, external client’s projects and many more into British Sign Language. I am responsible for checking the daily programme schedule to ensure I have sufficient time to translate and prepare scripts, before heading into the studio to record.

I am mainly office based, however I do often work on various locations with the production team making programmes, specifically aimed at deaf audience. I enjoy working on location, the furthest I have travelled is Belfast. I meet a lot of different people in my line of work. Whilst working in Belfast I had the opportunity to catch up with a young man who I have not seen for years, since I was his youth worker.

Not only am I an on-screen presenter but I am involved with BSLBT’s programmes (British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust), such as Life Stories and The Beautiful Game. My role in the Life Stories documentary, was a researcher. This involved researching the presenter’s background, typing up findings and information and passing to the production manager, who was responsible for the running order of the programme. I also worked closely with the presenters (and also their families/friends) and supported them during the making of their programmes.

I am also involved with CITV Mission Employable, were I am responsible for supporting two young presenters, during production.

I enjoy doing a variety of work at SignPost, every day is always different. The staff are a mixture of Deaf and hearing people, they use various levels of signing skills and knowledge of Deaf awareness AND a lovely bunch of guys to work with.

Lady Signing from an Autoscript

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