It’s known in the Deaf community as the ‘Deaf Oscars’

The annual Signature Awards, which are in their 10th year, celebrate and recognise individuals and organisations that are going above and beyond to improve access for Deaf people, promote British Sign Language and provide opportunities for Deaf people.

Which is why the ITV SignPost team were delighted to win the prestigious Workplace Commitment Award. The award recognises organisations that have changed the way they work to improve access for Deaf employees and customers.

SignPost is an example of diversity in action. Every programme is made by at least 50% Deaf or crew with a disability. It’s a commitment to commissioners that will not change. 

Helen Stevens, Director of Broadcast and Content Operations at ITV said: “We are incredibly proud of what Signpost has achieved and the unique offering to the Broadcast industry that Signpost has. For us at ITV, Signpost puts us at the forefront of true accessibility and diversity and we value this for our brand, our principles and our reputation”.

Lady Signing from an Autoscript

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