Hi, I’m Simi and I’m an intern at ITV SignPost. I’m a student in London most of the time, but I’ve been spending the last few weeks here, mainly working on social media for the Signed Stories app. I’ve also been lucky enough to get the chance to go out on location for filming, and into the studio to autocue many of the programmes the team produces in British Sign Language.

Signed Stories is a project here that I’ve become attached to. Having worked with children’s books before and spending time growing up with children with special educational needs who relied on sign language, an app that makes stories accessible is something I really understand the need for. I’ve mainly been working on the social media presence for Signed Stories, posting on Twitter (@SignedStories), Instagram (@ITVSignedStories) and Facebook (ITV Signed Stories). It’s been really rewarding to feel like I’m increasing the awareness of such a positively impacting app!

The days out filming Dare Master have probably been my favourite of my time spent with ITV SignPost, if only because they’re always so different. I would never have guessed the amount of work that goes into even a five minute programme, but it’s been amazing to see! I’m so excited for the programme to be broadcast and see everyone’s hard work come to life on screen.

I’ve also had the chance to help out in the studio with rolling the autocue for the signers for various different programmes. This was probably the most nerve-wracking task for me, especially when characters talk over each other or go really fast. Luckily, everyone has been really patient and I think I’ve finally got the hang of it!

I’ve really enjoyed my time at ITV SignPost, and I’m going to be sad to say goodbye and head back down to London. Every day has brought something different and interesting, giving me insight into the world of production, as well as giving me the chance to keep developing my marketing skills! It’s been an incredible experience with a lovely, friendly and welcoming team up here, and I hope to see them again in the future!

Simi at ITV SignPost
Lady Signing from an Autoscript

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