Signpost Productions is delighted to present the winners of The Big Story Challenge with Signed Stories to showcase their creativity.

The writing and illustrating competition was launched by the National Deaf Children’s Society for deaf children and young people aged 8-18. 

The competition judges were Danny Murphy (Actor and CITV presenter), Sarah Driver (Author, 'Once We Were Witches'), Lucy Rogers (Illustrator, 'The Quest for the Cockle Implant') and Maya Wasserman (Author, 'The Quest for the Cockle Implant').

Click on the video to watch these original tales being brought to life with British Sign Language. It starts with ‘The Ginger Ninja’ by Oliver Pack. The judges said this is a really memorable story, which is funny, adventurous and entertaining. 

Head to 5mins 53secs to see ‘An Aid of a Difference’ by Freya Essex. The judges said this is a sweet and well-written story with interesting details.

‘Wings of Sound’ by Irim Jameel starts at 9mins 50secs. The judges felt that lots of deaf children and young people will relate to this well-written story and liked the clever names chosen in the tale.

The winners have also been awarded book tokens for their schools. 

Lady Signing from an Autoscript

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